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Summary/Objective :
A Master of Electronics with an A+ Certification possessing excellent mechanical and computerese aptitude. A thorough knowledge and understanding of many issues and testing procedures. Well versed in multiple, cross-platform, Networking Configurations, not to mention Operating Systems with a desire to further exercise my abilities. I have at least 15 years Networking, Engineering or Administration skills. Am able to lead or manage a project and I work well with others. I am able to plan and implement the relocation of various servers; email, windows, UNIX, SQL and telecom equipment, as well as planning the "go live" process, with support and failback. I have been responsible for configuring, maintaining and trouble shooting routers, switches, Firewalls, VLANs. I have also been responsible for similar duties surrounding a medium Cisco LAN, also handle the recruiting of Network Engineers to manage and install the interanetwork infrastructure. As a Network Engineer I’ve had to monitor and troubleshoot LAN and WAN connections, security, and resolve password administration issues, troubleshoot multiplexers, hubs, and routers as necessary. I have had to meet with clients, users and technical staff to assess feasibility studies and the application requirements of particular networks. Design the Internet solution including the physical and logical design of the network, where all databases, operating systems, and Internet/Intranet use must be considered when determining the architecture of the network. I posses the ability to troubleshoot/upgrade/replace video, memory, processors, hard drives, modems, soundcards, scanners, printers, UPS's, etc. I have experience with all versions of Windows, Windows XP workstations interfacing with Windows 2000/2003 Servers, Active Directory, Group Policies, Windows Registry, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, ODBC, VB Scripting, and ActiveX, DLLs In depth knowledge of PC networking technologies, data communications, protocols, firewall, switches and routers. I have experience supporting all versions of Office suites including Microsoft Office XP, Outlook and Internet Explorer, knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft SQL-Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Terminal Server and Symantec Ghost, System Management Server, Sharepoint Portal Server, Microsoft Clustering, VPN's, Disaster Recovery, Pervasive SQL, PCDocs, QuarkXpress and Word Perfect. I have performed as a Mid-level manager to oversee an enterprise network radio and video communications system over a wide area network, metropolitan area network, campus area network and local area network, which included support tactical and command radio infrastructure including backbone equipment, base stations, mobile and other portable or handheld equipment, dispatch consoles, desktop remotes, radio control over internet protocol (RcoIP), microwave systems and all- risk incident support. Also Enterprise network support for data communications within offices and emergency systems, Enterprise network planning, design and change management, Network configuration management, Network operations including documentation and fault management which included Routine network operations for emergency services. I have also performed Network Performance monitoring as well as radio systems management Radio inoperability and system planning as well as electronic site support, routine radio operations and Emergency Services, Tower antenna installation and maintenance and frequency management. I have also been involved with Contract Support for Voice and Video Systems Management, planning, service ordering and coordination. Able to establish effective rapport with general public, colleagues and subordinates. Video /Audio Mixing, Recording, Editing, Designing, Posting Engineer. A proven capacity for discharging increasing responsibility and accountability. Quite able to think on my feet and overcome obstacles quickly and efficiently without succumbing to, or exhibiting, pressure or stress. Willing to work long hours to achieve the objectives of the establishment, the client, and my own which are: to maximize my abilities, to continually gain new experience and skills, to secure a reputation for completing all challenges and to have some fun in a career I love! Along with our daughters Samantha and Rebecca, my wife Celine and I enjoy traveling and meeting new friends, Scuba Diving, animals and of course anything & everything to do with the Computer, Audio, Video, Film and the Broadcast read "ENTERTAINMENT" Industry! Following is just a glimpse of my experience, abilities and capabilities:

Computers :
~ ANY & ALL Macintosh, Wintel, Silicon Graphics, Tektronix, Intergraph, DEC Alpha or other "PC" configurations and Operating Systems: IRIX, UNIX, Linux, MacOS, DOS, ALL versions of Windows.

Professional Organizations / Affiliations :
~ S.M.P.T.E., S.B.E., F.M.P.T.A., I.T.V.A., A.E.S., also seated as a Board Member in the capacity of Director of Telecommunications & Database Administrator for M.U.G.O.O.

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Previous Experience : 1982 - Present
~ MacTech - Macintosh computer services and desktop publishing company - Owner/Engineer/Tech, Proficient in: Tektronix Profile Systems and E.T.C. Editing Systems, Avid Systems, Media 100, Final Cut Pro, IMIX Systems "The Cube", Post Pro, Otari s ProDisk 464 v5, Performer, Premiere, M.Y.O.B., Quicken, FileMaker Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, Access, FoxPro, WingZ, Excel, WORD, PageMaker, PhotoShop, Freehand, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, and many others, in fact, most any Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, or Claris application packages.

~ 2nd Chief Engineer / Coconut Grove Facility - BVI Inc. - Broadcast Video Productions Inc. and Deep Blue Sea Night Chief Engineer directly supporting ALL departments and responding to ALL equipment malfuctions and post-production needs. Interfacing with appropriate internal Managers to schedule Service needs, at times completing these tasks myself. Meet with Clients and Sales Team members to evaluate technical requirements and present my recommendations. Implemented changes to raise the efficiency of the Engineering Dept. Created spreadsheets, databases to track jobs/clients, their needs, costing and cost of sale per and revenue generated per service. Verified status and quality of all Digital work. Researched software updates and incompatabilities, created, organized and managed procedures for all digital work to include: All content capture Mpeg and QuickTime creation or conversion, cuts only editing, layback and CD rom/DVD creation. Also heavily involved with internal and external Networking and file distribution to clients ftp and other means . Installed and integrated only Sony HD Vialta Telecine in South East to existing equipment.

~ INSIDE SALES MANAGER / Small Systems Division Design & Engineering Coordinator - ISLAND SYSTEMS & DESIGN. Brought on board to organize and manage the Sales Dept. Implemented many changes to raise the efficiency level of the Sales Dept. and the Organization in whole . Managed the entire Sales Order process: insured complete accuracy of Quotes and all information of Orders, reconciled with Inventory/Warehouse stock for shipping. Researched and created new Shipping Charges chart. Verified status of open, closed, canceled Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices. Created many spreadsheets, databases and reports to track customers, their needs, products, prices, quotes, sales, revenue generated per, job costing and cost of sale all to coincide with the P&L.; Verified proper commissions & credit to Sales Staff with Accounting Dept. Interfaced with appropriate internal Managers to schedule Labor, rack configuration or Service needs, at times completing these tasks myself. Supported outside Sales Team West coast & Corporate/East Coast Offices with System design and Engineering and Product recommendations. Drafted single-line and Functionals, Rack Configurations, Connector pin-out diagrams. Met with Customers and outside Sales Team members to evaluate technical requirements and present my recommendations. Directly supported and responded to ALL equipment and post-installation needs of ALL Hard Rock Cafes World Wide.

~ FACILITIES AUDIO/VIDEO/COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGINEER and TECHNICIAN - Tribune New Media Development Center formally known as Tribune Interactive Network Services of Tribune Entertainment and Tribune Media Services at The Orlando Sentinel. Integral member in the installation of both the original facility and the expansion to accommodate the 24hr. NewsChannel; CFN13, on TimeWarnerCable. Operation of and debugging of Tektronix Profiles and MC2100, Vela Research MPEG Compressors, E.T.C. PRO and GOLD Editors, Sony Switcher and DME and all fiber optics, CAT5 network, RS232, 422 and IR control, and phone cabling. Responsible for maintenance of entire facility to include remote broadcast bullpen via fiber optics. Special Research project jointly with The Orlando Sentinel and Time Warner s FULL SERVICE NETWORK. Duties also include operation as Videographer, Audio mixer, Floor Director, Teleprompter, Cuts Editor, Network Administration, Shipping/Receiving/Purchasing Clerk, Q.C. and Master Control Operator, Switcher Operator, Phone Guru and Cable Master, not to mention preparing and creating all CAD drawings and documentation for facility, Up/Down Link Feeds from WFTV ch9, WCPX ch6 via fiber optics and down links of our own. Duties also include support of Orlando Sentinel Online OSO in America OnLine with Administrative SysOp privileges for Q.C. ing of upload and download library files and general interface operations and design. Also all Macintosh support for Destination Florida, a KnightRidder/Tribune jointly owned L.L.C. Live and Rehearsed. and including a little of everything else listed below!

~ FREELANCE VIDEO ENGINEER - For both The Orlando Magic and The Orlando Centroplex in 95 - 96

~ FACILITIES AUDIO ENGINEER - Century III, including maintenance of Warren Film & Sound with experience as bench tech, ADR tech/editor, Dialogue Editor, Sound Effects Posting Editor, Audio Post Mix Editor, Q.C. finals prior to broadcast, installed all ISDN, phone and CAT5 network lines - mixed and operated "Media Tour" via satellite of MeatLoaf for "On The Scene Productions." Other responsibilities included: Fiber Optic Network - build & install new lines, troubleshoot, upkeep and patch existing lines. Integral member in installation of Digital Serial Component Edit Suite Sony equipment and software. Upkeep of Synclavier & Post Pro Systems. Installation & upkeep of ProDisk systems 2 , built an audio suite in two days including all snakes & patchbays. Built custom cables: DB9, 15 & HD, 25, 50, XLR 3, 4, 5 pin , TT specialty adapter cables. Assisted in many VYVX & Satellite links. Refab soundstage for "The NEWZ," install EDIFLEX for "Captiva," install Avid for "SeaQuest" and involved in all aspects of production of early episodes of "Fortune Hunter." Upkeep of all Macintosh computers and peripherals on site. Interaction with clients was a commonality. Live and Rehearsed.

~ SYSTEMS TECH and DEMONSTRATOR of MEDIA 100, Soft Image, Montage III to include delivery, set-up, training and/or troubleshooting and repair of computers, broadcast equipment, and also shipping/receiving for VideoCentral.

~ HIGH END COMPUTER/VIDEO Q.C. Inspection - Total Audio Visual Services. Responsible for check out and maintenance of all video and computer rental gear.

~ HOUSE, BROADCAST and/or MONITOR ENGINEER, REPAIR TECH - Carpenter s Home Church. Responsible for mix of 96 inputs including vocals and orchestra both contemporary and classic. Live.

~ AUDIO ENGINEER / Systems Tech, reconfigure and setup system, operate system for Broadway style shows several times daily aboard CROWN Cruise Lines "MONARCH." Live.

~ AUDIO TECHNICIAN, Audio Engineer, Tape Machine Operator, Cameraman, and Grip on several PSA s, Commercials, Music Videos, and even a Movie short by Firesign Theater.

~ SOUND DESIGNER, and SOUND EFFECTS EDITOR - assisted in the Digital Audio POST PRODUCTION of an episode of the "Simpson s," and the above mentioned spots.

~ HOUSE ENGINEER - CREATION 92, MONITOR ENGINEER / SYSTEMS TECH - CORNERSTONE 92. Outdoor Festival, week long, 68 full bands, dual 48 input Yamaha PM 3000 s. LIVE.

~ ASSISTANT ENGINEER on Nine PRO DEMO Recordings, and several Live/Simulcast Festival Events.

~ ROAD TECHNICIAN - Performed ALL duties including Load In & Out, System Interfacing, Rigging, PAR focusing, and system troubleshooting for numerous artist s including: STRYPER, PETRA, WhiteCross, Leon Patillo, Kim Hill, Adrian Belew, Quest, Phil Keaggy, Phil Driscol, DC Talk, Newsboys, Larry Howard, Rick Adams and local bands also. Live.

~ WIRING TECHNICIAN - Of a 6 console 32 in. each Audio/Video posting workstation studio including the System Interface, a 24 in. Soundcraft/ProDisk Studio and ALL wiring for "Post Impressions Studios," FL.

~ PROFESSIONAL ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN - Owner/Operator - TEAM VETA, Dickson City, Pennsylvania 1982 - 1990, Subcontracting business consisted of maintenance of all electronics and appliances including work for such companies as: SEARS, TRANE, GRUMMAN AEROSPACE- Electronics Division and also two security systems installation companies; VIGIL TECH, and "Top Installer" for PENN ARGUS where I worked in numerous U.S. ARMY Depots.

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Military : TOP SECRET Security Clearance
~ Honorable Discharge - 1986 - U.S. ARMY ~ E-4, MOS 15D, LANCE Missile Crew Member

~ Telecommunications - TACSAT operator ~ Expert Qualified Sniper - M16/M1, M2

~ Expert - ALL Hand Arms / Grenades ~ Expert - Hand to Hand Combat

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Education :
~ Certificate - 1996

Completion of both Adult and Infant C.P.R. training, Red Cross/Florida Hospital

~ Certificate - 1996

Completion of Lamaze & Childbirth Preparedness, Florida Hospital

~ Certificate - 1995

Completion of Myers - Briggs Type Indication Course for Management

~ Graduate - 1995 - G.P.A. 3.9

Bachelor s Degree Equivalent in Theology - Florida Theological Seminary

~ Certified - 1992

OpenWater SCUBA - NAUI National Association of Underwater Instructors , Tampa, FL

~ Graduate - 1991 - G.P.A. 3.9

Associates Degree - Recording Arts - FULL SAIL Ctr. f/t Recording Arts - Winter Park, FL

~ Graduate - 1984 - G.P.A. 3.8 - Received A+ Certification

Associates Degree - Electronics Engineering - DeVry Technical Institute - Woodbridge, NJ

~ Graduate - 1982 - G.P.A. 3.9

Diploma - Advanced Studies - Mid-Valley High School - Throop, PA

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Hands On Experience With The Following Equipment:
~ Audio Consoles:

Neve VR Series 60x48 flying faders and total recall

Solid State Logic 6000E 48x32 fully automated with total recall

Sony MXP 390, 2016, 3036, and Mackie 1604, 24 & 32 by 8bus

Neotek Elan, Soundcraft 800 series, SoundTracs studio and ConcertSound series

Yamaha PM 4000, 3000 and 2800, 2404, 1200 live sound consoles

~ Audio Recorders:

New England Digital Synclavier and Direct to Disk Post Pro System

Otari ProDisk 464 and Otari MTR 100 24-track, MTR 12, MX 80 and 55

Studer A800 24-track and Studer A 80, Sony DASH 3324/3348, and miniDisc

NAGRA - most all, including the new Digital model

~ Signal Processing:

Lexicon, DBX, Drawmer, AMS, Yamaha, Klark-Teknik, T.C. Electronics, Rane,

B.A.S.E., Roland, B.B.E., Brooke Siren, A/D/A, Urei, Korg, Aphex, Teletronix.

~ Midi Equipment:

Macintosh, Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Akai, Opcode, Mark of the Unicorn, Studio 3.

~ Video Consoles and Editors:

Ampex Vista Video Switcher, DSC Illusion Digital Video Effects Unit

Chyron RGU-2 and Maxine! Character Generator and other systems

G.V.G. 300 and others on up the line to the Tektronix MC2100

Sony 6000, 9000, 3000, 2000 series switchers and DVE/DME s

Editing Technologies Ensemble PRO and GOLD

IMIX, Media 100, Montage, Tektronix Profile PROLINK

~ VideoTape Machines:

*** Studio:

Tektronix Profile - all configurations

Ampex VPR 6, 1" machines with TBC 7 s, Ampex Beta SP Studio player/recorder

Sony VO 9800 3/4" SP player/recorder and DIGI BETA s

Sony VO 9000 3/4" SP VTR S

Panasonic Digital 640 & 750 Series, Any and All SVHS and VHS machines

*** Field:

Sony VO-4800, 5800, 7000, 95, 96, 9650 field 3/4" recorder

Sony VO-8800 3/4" SP field recorders with time code

Sony VP-6800 Beta SP

~ Cameras and Film:

Ikegami 730-A with Studio/Field configuration, 4-14:1 Fujinon lenses.

Ampex CVR-507 Beta SP Camcorder with time code.

Sony DXC 325 and 537 and 637 with up to 55 ENG Lens

Sony M7, VX1000 and also Hi8 and others

JVC & Panasonic F250 and 300 series and Digital 200 & 700 cameras

DP 4:2:2, Rank-Cintel, MagnaTech

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~ Certificate of Achievement - Tribune Information Systems - for the research, development, design, technical writing and presentation "with an ease of understanding unparalleled" of a training guide on the use of an AMX automation and control system in a multimedia capable Corporate Conference Room.


Mr. Dana Roun
Director of Live Sound Productions - FULL SAIL
3300 University Boulevard
Winter Park, Florida 32792
407 679-0100

Mr. Chad Barbay
Director- Southeast U.S. Quadrant- N.A.U.I.
566 Calibre Crest
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714
407 869-6808

Mr. James Groves
Equipment Coordinator - WDW Pleasure Island
2121 Scranton Ave.
Orlando, Florida 32826
407 934-7825

Mr. Paul Velez
Entertainment Show Support - WDW Pleasure Island
1315 Pleasant Place
Lakeland, Florida 33801
407 934-7830

Mr. Joe Graziano
President - Island Systems & Design
225 Yellow Place
Rockledge, Florida 32955
407 638-9966

Mr. James Lamb
Vice President of Sales - Island Systems & Design
225 Yellow Place
Rockledge, Florida 32955
818 244-8186

Pastor Bill Waters
Mt. Dora S.D.A. Church
650 East Cadillac Dr.
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714
407 786-3895

Pastor Thomas F. Chambers
Pilgrim Church
710 Stonecrest Dr.
New Holland, Pennsylvania 17557
717 354-4255

Mr. Bob Spangler
Owner/Operator- Susquahanna Sound
Northumberland, Pennsylvania
717 473-9733

Mr. Max Kirkland
Director of Engineering and Operations
Tribune Interactive Network Services
633 North Orange Ave. MP-96
Orlando, Florida 32801
800 759-8888 pin#5955130

Mr. Tom Gallagher
Top Sales/Eastern Division
P.O. Box 688
KLIPSCH & Associates
Hope, Arkansas 71801
501 777-6751

Mr. Dave Wilson- former V.P. Engineering at
Century III at Universal Studios
current Chief Engineer at BritHaus, Orlando
518 South Magnolia Ave.
Orlando, Florida 32801
407 648-8666

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