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 Systems Engineer / Network / Computer Support/ Broadcast / Audio / Video


May I introduce myself, my name is Matthew Oakey, while searching for employment opportunities, I noticed that you may be able to use a person with my background, interests, abilities and experience. I have been employed by Vinpax, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer, Broadcast Video Inc. as Night Chief Engineer, most recently I was employed at Island Systems & Design as Inside Sales Manager over two offices, prior to that I did a stint (temp/fill-in) at Lockheed Martin as a PC Support Engineer with responsibilities over 300 Macintosh, 175 PC, 10 NT servers, 125 Laser printers and the entire LAN forthwith to include Run, Punchdown and moves, and both Software and Hardware support (installation, troubleshoot problems, repair and replacement.) TCP/IP and Novell IPX , NFS and AppleTalk. I have at least 15 years Networking, Engineering or Administration skills. Am able to lead or manage a project and I work well with others. I am able to plan and implement the relocation of various servers; email, windows, UNIX, SQL and telecom equipment, as well as planning the "go live" process, with support and failback. I have been responsible for configuring, maintaining and trouble shooting routers, switches, Firewalls, VLANs. I have also been responsible for similar duties surrounding a medium Cisco LAN, also handle the recruiting of Network Engineers to manage and install the interanetwork infrastructure. As a Network Engineer I’ve had to monitor and troubleshoot LAN and WAN connections, security, and resolve password administration issues, troubleshoot multiplexers, hubs, and routers as necessary. I have had to meet with clients, users and technical staff to assess feasibility studies and the application requirements of particular networks. Design the Internet solution including the physical and logical design of the network, where all databases, operating systems, and Internet/Intranet use must be considered when determining the architecture of the network. I posses the ability to troubleshoot/upgrade/replace video, memory, processors, hard drives, modems, soundcards, scanners, printers, UPS's, etc. I have experience with all versions of Windows, Windows XP workstations interfacing with Windows 2000/2003 Servers, Active Directory, Group Policies, Windows Registry, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, ODBC, VB Scripting, and ActiveX, DLLs In depth knowledge of PC networking technologies, data communications, protocols, firewall, switches and routers. I have experience supporting all versions of Office suites including Microsoft Office XP, Outlook and Internet Explorer, knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft SQL-Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Terminal Server and Symantec Ghost, System Management Server, Sharepoint Portal Server, Microsoft Clustering, VPN's, Disaster Recovery, Pervasive SQL, PCDocs, QuarkXpress and Word Perfect. I have performed as a Mid-level manager to oversee an enterprise network radio and video communications system over a wide area network, metropolitan area network, campus area network and local area network, which included support tactical and command radio infrastructure including backbone equipment, base stations, mobile and other portable or handheld equipment, dispatch consoles, desktop remotes, radio control over internet protocol (RcoIP), microwave systems and all- risk incident support. Also Enterprise network support for data communications within offices and emergency systems, Enterprise network planning, design and change management, Network configuration management, Network operations including documentation and fault management which included Routine network operations for emergency services. I have also performed Network Performance monitoring as well as radio systems management Radio inoperability and system planning as well as electronic site support, routine radio operations and Emergency Services, Tower antenna installation and maintenance and frequency management. I have also been involved with Contract Support for Voice and Video Systems Management, planning, service ordering and coordination. Switches, Hubs, Routers, Bridges and all Testing equipment. Eventhough the current thrust of my resume is more along the lines of the Entertainment Industry, I do have substantial background in the Computer Industry, Sales & Acquisition and Management as well. From protocol interfacing to database administering and tuning, from multi-platform system integration to web site design and maintenance, I have had involvement in many areas of research and development also, from the training of bottle-nose dolphin (to measure intellect and I.Q.) the Ultra High Speed Networks (56K Frame Relay, ISDN, T1, T3, OC-3, OC-48, and Fiber of all flavors), from voice over IP to instant remote sensing emergency paging, web based data collection and mining to Video on Demand, from Localtalk, 10baseT & 100baseT (switched), FDDI, ATM to Infrared and Microwave transmission. My resume is well packed and there are way too many more qualitative events and quantitative experiences to be able to be included in a "compact" yet thorough and pleasingly presented document. I am confident that I can be an asset to the organization, and I do look forward to further discussion regarding career opportunities with your Company. So I'll Thank You in advance for taking your time and consideration, all that I ask is that you thoroughly read the whole resume with an open, (growth/outside the box) future thinking mind. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


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Commensurate with experience USD Per Year

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Stability, Longevity, Team atmosphere, Fast & Hard paced, Technologically Advanced, always striving to be better or do the right thing and the best thing possible for the company.

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Management (Manager/Director of Staff)

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Medium  (<400)


Internet/Networking, Computer Services, Security, Broadcast, Entertainment and Media

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Growth oriented, Medium (<400 employees) to Large publicly traded, technology based, or Broadcast facilities (TV network with/and/or Internet capabilities) with the desire and ability to do things right and not "just good enough to get by" (with gum & duct tape!)









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1/1983 - Present

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